South African Human Rights Day


Human Rights Day, as that is what this day signifies in South Africa, but how relevant are our human rights in South Africa in 2016, with our country in so much turmoil? The #FeesMustFall campaign not seeming to reach its end, three months into the year and the struggle still continues. Racial slurs amongst black and white South Africans on the rise, and xenophobic attacks on an all time peak. 22 years into our democracy and we call South Africa a liberated country… But how liberated are we? When will all of this come to an end? When will the human rights of all those that live within this country be recognised?

This day is meant to bring unity amongst South Africans who share the same history of apartheid, where certain individuals of our country were subjected to more rights than others, leading to a lot of bloodshed and lives lost on this day 56 years ago. However it seems we are fighting a losing battle as when we think we take five steps forward into our healing, we actually find ourselves being pulled seven steps back.

Today we celebrate the rights of South Africans, but how many of those South Africans and all those that live within this country actually rip the rewards of those rights? Having people being compared to animals, having non-South Africans living in South Africa being called derogatory names and then burning them down because they don’t belong in this country. The question is: who does? As the truth is we all are foreigners in this country in some way, trying to find our own way through.

The honest truth is: this country is not yet uhuru, and it does not seem like it will be anytime soon. In order to change this country into what our forefathers fought for all those years ago, the change will need to start with one individual, who will then influence the next to change. The rights of South Africans are not yet liberated, and the unfortunate fact about it is that our issues stem from deep within.

As we celebrate South African Human Rights Day today, may you be the change that you would like to see in this country.

Happy Human Rights Day South Africans…


Tribute to my Father: Mbulelo Major Sicwetsha

IMG-20160308-Daddy08 March 2016, as this day marked exactly a month since that dreadful day I received the news of your passing, I will never see the 8th of any other month the same again…

Tata, “Bhuti Mbulelo” as I grew up calling you, because I always thought my Grandfather was my real father, I never got the time to say THANK YOU for the life you gave to me, I was too stupid to think you will always be there to know that I’m grateful, always. My every days are filled with a lot of sorrow and pretence, trying to get by each day and pushing aside the pain of you being gone, but the honest truth Tata is: our hearts are not yet healed…

Bhuti Mbulelo, you have gone and left your children’s hearts with a lot of unanswered questions and unresolved feelings. Every day we try to see it as different from the previous, but one thing still remains the same, we still remain fatherless because God saw it best to bring you closer to His throne, kodwa ke kulungile ukuba kungentando yaKhe. We just thank God for the amazing time that He gave us in the past five months before your passing, as He brought us closer in a very sad, but very amazing way indeed, as we strengthened our relationship tighter than anyone could ever believe, I guess He always knows best…

However, as the 8th of March 2016 marked the first month since you have been gone, we can only try to remain strong knowing that there is a Greater being who is the Father of the Fatherless, and instead we shall celebrate the life that God blessed you with in the short time that you spent on this world. It just brings peace to my soul knowing that you are no longer in pain.


Phumla ngoxolo Wawa, ugqatso ulufezile…

Food for thought: As we approach the Festive Season

Festive Season

The stressful times of the year are almost over, and everyone is getting ready for the festive season; planning getaway holidays, while others are expecting family members and friends to come over for Christmas and New Year celebrations. During all this excitement, retail outlets on the other hand are brewing up ideas on how to get you to spend more than you can budget for during the festive season.

This then means that people need to have discipline when it comes to spending during the festive season. As boring as this may sound to many, but maybe it is only wise to make a list of all the Christmas presents and ideas that one has in mind in advance, in order to be able to save up for them during the year, or better yet, buy them during the year. In fact, no one says that a Christmas present has to be bought during Christmas time only, because most of the time we will buy the people closest to us the kind of presents that we think they need, or would love, without really consulting with them if what it is that they really would like to get anyway. So why can we not buy those presents during the year when the prices are not ridiculously hiked by retail stores?

This festive season let us practice a culture of discipline, a culture of not doing unnecessary wastage of money; again it goes back to budgeting. We need to always bear in mind that directly after the festive season is back to school for many school pupils and students. Too much over spending in the festive period can make it hard for parents to buy the necessary stationery for their children in January.

As much as the festive season for most of us means a time to relax with family and friends, a time to reflect in the year that has passed, a time to make new resolutions for the following year, and a time to give and to share. However, let us not forget that there is still life after the festive season, a new year, with new financial problems.

Spend, but spend wisely.

Social Media Management: TweetDeck vs Hootsuite

Tweetdeck vs Hootsuite

With today’s fast paced life that we lead, it is only imperative that a person needs to be visible on social media, in order to be able to sell themselves, their brand, or their company. In order to be well-known, one has to first identify their niche, and then ensure that they are visible to that niche, and the world at large. Once you have identified your niche, you then find the best ways of selling yourself/brand to marketers and customers out there.
This blog will be focusing mainly on two social media management tools, namely TweetDeck and Hootsuite. It will be sharing the similarities and differences that I have seen and experienced with these two social media management tools, as well as which one in my opinion seemed best for me?
Below are the differences between TweetDeck and Hootsuite, followed by their similarities:
 It is a 100% free application
 It is very easy to navigate (has a very user-friendly interface)
 The tools found in the application are self-explanatory
 One can manage more than one Twitter account
 One can customise the dashboard (depending on what social media accounts you have)
 Allows you to manage your Twitter accounts only
 Combines all accounts in one window
 Has a free version available, as well as a paid service
 Is easy to navigate (also has a user-friendly interface)
 Tools are also self-explanatory
 One can manage more than one social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Foursquare)
 Displays a tab for each social media account you add
 Has many tools that measure your performance and social interaction
 Can schedule when you want to post on your different social media sites
 Both are great social media management tools
 Save time and improve productivity
 Both allow to schedule posts so that they could automatically post at specific times
 Are the best way to reach all your customers and connections faster
Both these social media management tools have proved to be very effective in their own rights; TweetDeck is nice because it shows me all the current activities as they happen within my Twitter account. Hootsuite however is the best, because it allows me to manage all of my social media sites in one interface.

Time management is a virtue


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Picture: Taken at CPUT Cape Town Campus Library

It is that time of the year when many high school pupils and university students are stressed beyond belief because of the exam period. Stress levels in many have skyrocketed, while faith may be failing others dismally.

The key solution under such circumstances is to remain positive, as more stress can only lead one to an unnecessary panic attack. Many students have in the past waited until the very last minute in order to take the exam period seriously, and this is actually the root of all exam stresses. Students who had applied themselves during the year in class activities and assignments would only need this time to polish up on the knowledge gained during the year. While students who were not participative during the year will find this time of the year as “that moment in life when time just drags on”.

As human beings, we are made individually unique, if a person knows that it takes them longer to grasp on information, it is only wise to ensure that a lot of time has been put aside for that particular study period in order to ensure positive results come of it. The solution here is simple, and that is never to compare ourselves to other people, wondering why they can manage to spend so much time doing something else yet still manage to pass a test or an exam with exceptional marks. I repeat, we are not all the same, some people also put in a lot of sacrifices, such as staying up all night to make up for any time wasted during the day doing something else.

The exam period and procrastination can put a lot of self-doubt on many people, such as the fact that maybe everyone else had been right about them all along, that they really are failures in life. Procrastination is very dangerous, time management is a virtue.



Picture: Taken at CPUT Cape Town Campus Library


Bidding farewell to South Africa’s fallen sports heroes

Picture: Courtesy of SABC News

Picture: Courtesy of SABC News

Earlier in the week, the nation and the world at large woke up to the devastating news of the passing of three of the country’s promising sporting stars over the weekend; Mbulaeni Mulaudzi who passed away in a car crash in the early hours of Friday morning while on his way to an Athletics South Africa meeting in Johannesburg; followed by professional female boxer, Phindile Mwelase who passed away on Saturday after slipping into a coma for two weeks following a boxing match on October 10th; with Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana Captain, Senzo Meyiwa, being shot dead on Sunday evening in what has been said to be an attempted robbery.
The death of these sporting icons has weighed heavily on many South African sport fans, Ministers, sports associations, and fellow colleagues that worked alongside the late sport stars, as many have expressed feelings of being robbed of their beloved sport stars, friends, competitors on the field, and future mentors for the country’s youth. A lot of expectations were relayed on these sporting champions from their various sporting associations, as well as the country at large, with Mbulaeni and Senzo representing South Africa both on a national and international platform.
November 1st 2014 has marked one of the saddest days for sports followers and supporters around the country, as it is the day where all three of these sport veterans are laid to rest in their respective hometowns. To commemorate the fallen heroes, President Jacob Zuma has declared provincial funerals for both Mbulaeni and Senzo, in their honour the National flags will be flown at half-mast in both Kwa-Zulu Natal and Limpopo.
They have in deed run their race, and may their souls Rest in eternal Peace.

Picture: Courtesy of EyeWitness News

Picture: Courtesy of EyeWitness News

Live out your own purpose…

Everyone is born into the world without a clue as to what their purpose in life will be? Nor what that purpose would entail? Let alone how to make that purpose worthwhile when the end of time comes creeping in. That then leaves me with two questions: What is life? And how does one know if whether they are fulfilling their life’s purpose or not?

Well I guess no one has the definite answer to those questions.

It has been said countless times before that “life has no formula”, and that can never be any more truer. Life is how you as the individual make it. Unlike a cat which is said to have nine lives, a human being only has one life, which means you only have one opportunity to make it worth your while.
Most people always advise another to live their life by “taking the right path in life”, would anyone just care to enlighten the rest of us which path that is again? What we as people tend to forget at times is, who it is that we are living our lives for? Many of us may be found conforming ourselves into what society and the world at large deems as “the way life should be”. Having a mentor and/or role model these days seems to go beyond just being inspired by how that particular individual makes their living a success, but turns into the mentee merely longing to live the kind of life that they live, aspiring to live in a similar kind of house, driving a similar kind of car.
However, a person’s life should be far more precious than that, it should be their own unique version of life’s events, while ensuring that they lead by such an example that they would love for their own children to lead. Life should be about leaving behind a legacy that many would look back to for many years to come, and be inspired to make legacies of their own.
Life… Life is about you, it is your own story to tell about your own journey in LIFE. Make it unique, and make it your own, like it has been said: “life has no formula”.